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Research Interests



Research Interests

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Main research area in our group is chemistry, synthesis, stereochemistry and photochemistry of plant and animal photosensitizing and photosensory pigments. The main group of compounds considered to be interesting are pigments derived from the fundamental phenanthro[1,10,9,8-opqra]perylene-7,14-dione chromophore with natural pigments like hypericin , stentorin , the fringelites , the gymnochromes, and blepharismin.
Furthermore we are focusing on hemin-analogous corrphycene derivatives (e.g. as potential blood substitutes and heme oxygenase blocker) as well as on other natural compounds such as the natural sun blocker urocanic acid.
Besides these topics research on applied problems of industrial relevance, like oxidation, ozonization, non natural amino acids and catalysis are pursued

Dissertations (at JKU in Linz)

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G. Kapl
Synthese und Konformationsbeeinflussung von chiralen 2,3-Dihydrobilatrien-abc-Derivaten
September 1985

D. Eichinger
Tripyrrinoide Systeme als Ionophore fuer den passiven und sekundaeren aktiven Transport in Fluessigmembranen
February 1986

W. Medinger
Struktur und Circulardichroismus chiraler Derivate von 2,3-Dihydrobilatrienen-abc
May 1987

M. Marko
Synthese, Struktur und Eigenschaften bi- und oligochromophorer Systeme mit di- oder tetrapyrrolischen Einheiten
January 1990

H. Woess
Synthese und Konformationsanalyse von 10-substituierten mono- und bichromophoren Bilindionen
January 1990

H. Marko
Darstellung, Reaktivitaet und spektroskopische Untersuchungen von Gallenfarbstoff-Apomyoglobin - Komplexen
June 1990

K. A. Hackl
Zur Chemie N-substituierter Harnstoffe: Untersuchungen ôber oekologisch vorteilhafte Moeglichkeiten der Gewinnung von Isocyanaten durch Zersetzung von N-substituierten Harnstoffen
April 1991

G. Schoppel
Zur Synthese von Hypericin und Isohypericin
December 1991

W. Schmitzberger
Zur Struktur natuerlich vorkommender Hypericin-Systeme
May 1992

M. Oberreiter
Amino- und Iminoderivate chinoider Systeme
April 1993

A. Suste
Pyridinologous Linear Tri- and Tetrapyrroles
July 1993

Ch. Etzlstorfer
Tautomerie und Stereochemie von Verbindungen des Hypericintyps: Kraftfelduntersuchungen
September 1993

J. Meyer
Assoziationsverhalten und spektroskopische Eigenschaften von Hypericin
October 1993

G. Teubl
Alkoxyalkylhydroperoxide als Oxidationsmittel in der organischen Chemie
February 1995

T.N.H. Tran
Long Chain Aldehydes as Precursors for the Synthesis of Natural Products and Natural Products Conjugates
October 1995

E. Mayr
Studien zu den natuerlich vorkommenden Hydroxyphenanthroperylenchinonen Fringelit D, Stentorin und Blepharismin
May 1996

R. Altmann
Hypericin-C-Konjugate: Darstellung, Eigenschaften, Funktionsmoeglichkeiten
April 1997

T. G. Dax
Studies Concerning the Photoreceptor Pigments of Stentor coeruleus and Blepharisma japonicum
May 2000

Roland Obermüller
Synthese von Hypericinderivaten als potentielle Wirkstoffe für die photodynamische Therapie
September 2001

Thorsten Ganglberger
Metal-Catalyzed Oxidations using Ozone
January 2003

Bettina Schwarzinger
Zur Photochemie zweier physiologisch relevanter Naturstoffe
January 2004

Martin Emsenhuber
Studies on chemical generation of singlet oxygen

Bernd Lackner
Syntheses and Investigations Concerning Heteroatom Containing Hypericin Derivatives as Potentially New Drugs for the Application in Photodynamic Therapy of Cancer
April 2004

Mario Waser
9,12-disubstituted hypericin derivatives as potential second generation hypericin based photosensitizers
October 2005

Joachim Zuschrader
An Access to Glyco-Substituted Hypericin Derivatives
January 2008

David Geisslmeir
Hypericin Nucleo Base Hybrid Derivatives as Potential Second Generation Photosensitizers
January 2008

Stefan Aigner
Conjugated Porphyrin-Hypericin-Hybrids Using Microwave Assisted Hypericin Syntheses
Februar 2008


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Springer Wien / New York (2008)

Heinz Falk
Progress in the Chemistry of Organic Natural Products 90
Springer Wien / New York (2008)

Mieke Roelants, Bernd Lackner, Mario Waser, Heinz Falk, Patrizia Agostinis, Hendrik Van Poppel and Peter A. M. de Witte
In vitro study of the photocytotoxicity of bathochromically-shifted hypericin derivatives
Photochem. Photobiol. Sci. 8 (2009) 822-829

Institute of Organic Chemistry